About ACE Precision Ceramics UK

Advanced Ceramic Engineering Ltd specialise in alumina bodies for high grade and purity alumina ceramics. These ceramics are often referred to as ‘precision ceramics’, technical ceramics, high-tec ceramics, advanced ceramics or engineered ceramics.

Our range of alumina materials has been developed to suit diverse service conditions required by electronics, aerospace, chemical processing and other high-tech industries such as vacuum and semi-conductor, pump and valve, lasers and medical, and chemical and wear applications.

Advanced Ceramic Engineering Ltd, or ACE for short, was formed following the closure of the former Wade / Seagoe Ceramics plant in Craigavon, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom. . Most of our employees are ex Seagoe – some with over 40 years experience in the production and design of precision and technical ceramics.

ACE was formed in 2002, and in many ways shares a lot of production similarities to Seagoe / Wade, such as manufacture from raw milled alumina, right through to isostatic pressing, ‘green’ machining, sintering and diamond grinding. The combined expertise of decades of tried and trusted methods, coupled along with the latest innovations and an experienced workforce, make ACE a very formidable and ‘cutting edge’ company in the field of precision and technical ceramics.

We do pride ourselves in giving customers a personal and very ‘hands on’ approach when it comes to dealing with their requirements. Our development team are happy to work along side customers to cater for their often-times demanding needs, and to tailor ceramic components to suit these needs. Out technical support team are always on hand to help right from early design, through to prototype stages and to final manufacture, in order to optimise the benefits for component application.

We realise that many of our components are used as part of a larger machine, and therefore any late deliveries or incorrect components can have major repercussions down the line. This is why we aim for and come close to 100 % on-time deliveries and zero faulty parts. Our overall on-time delivery for the whole year of 2014 was 97% (based upon our customers on-time delivery parameters, which very between customers), whilst rejected components were 0.04 percent of our total output (based on price of components). Or based on numbers, one in 2500 components rejected !

We also supply a number of companies who specialise in grinding ceramic components. Therefore we produce the parts in an ‘as fired’ condition to these customers, who will then in turn grind them to their finished drawing size. As they are normally under time constraints we will always aim to react swiftly to their needs, so that they have ample time to carry out their grinding procedures.

Customers needs are paramount to Advanced Ceramic Engineering. We will do our absolute utmost to meet the wishes and needs of our customers, whether that be super-fast deliveries, bespoke components, or tight tolerances, we will always try and furnish them with a fast and professional service. Any customer who comes to Ace can expect to be made a fuss over, regardless of the size of order. No order is too small, and we don’t have any minimum order quantities / values.

Various production techniques enable us to select the most efficient method of manufacture for each component, regardless of the size and complexity of the individual piece. For our customers, this means cost-effective solutions whether pieces are large or small – and whether the volumes required are high or low. Advanced Ceramic Engineering’s main customer base lies within the United Kingdom, but they do also export to other companies within Europe, and further a-field.

ACE is embarked upon a programme of strategic investments in value-adding processes and technologies. They are currently in the process of adding another multi-tool cnc machine to their machine shop. It is hoped that this will increase capacity further in their ‘green’ machining department.