1What materials do you work with?
We use a wide range of materials including aluminum oxide ceramic (94% or 99.6% alumina), silicon carbide (CVD, sintered, or hot pressed SiC), aluminum nitride (AlN), and electrostatic discharge safe (ESD) ceramics.
2Do you manufacture one off prototypes?
Yes we often work with clients at the early design stage and can manufacture one off prototypes for a wide range of industries.
3What are Technical ceramics?
Technical ceramics, also known as high-performance or engineering ceramics, are inorganic ceramic materials whose combination of physical and thermal properties makes them the right choice for applications where other materials fail. They open up new possibilities for mechanical and plant engineering, foundries, automotive manufacturing, textile manufacturing, electronics, and medical technology
4Do you supply the whole of the UK?
Yes, we work with Clients all over the UK. We also work with clients across the EU.