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We provide a wide range of semiconductors uk wide and are one of the most experienced manufacturers of alumina based semiconductors in the uk and Europe.

High purity alumina is used extensively in semiconductor wafer processing equipment. Use of alumina ranges from standard purity (99.5%) to ultra high purity (99.9%+). Alumina is electrically and thermally insulating; has relatively high strength, hardness and stiffness; and is corrosion resistant to a wide range of chemistries. This combination of properties makes it useful in a large number of applications in the semiconductor industry.

Alumina parts are generally formed from blanks or near net shape pieces by machining. Blanks can be formed from high purity raw materials by CIP (cold isostatic pressing) or dry pressing, and then densified by pressureless sintering. Machining is the most important step in the production of high purity alumina components in that the sintering of blanks is relatively straightforward. With the transition from 200 mm silicon wafers to 300 mm wafers, larger components (up to 24 in. in diameter) are necessary and must be machined to the same tight tolerances and exacting dimensions as


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